Domestic and international transport Mirosław Jedut started its operation in 1998 and provides the transportation services throughout the whole Europe. From the beginning the company has been constantly developing by upgrading its fleet, in order to fulfil all the customers’ requirements on the highest level. We care about the safety of the transported goods thanks to the modern fleet and the security features appropriate for particular cargo.

By choosing our company for your logistic partner you are certain of:

  • Diligent and honest service
  • Prompt cargo delivery
  • Secured transportation of the cargo
  • Ability to see the location of the cargo, thanks to GPS satellite monitoring system, which is installed in our every vehicle
  • Cooperation with reliable, honest and experienced carrier

We are a contractor with years of experience, and we are trustworthy!


Do you need an organised transportation of goods?

You have found the right place! We will find a proper and trustworthy carrier, who, just like us, will perform the transport at the highest level. We guarantee a high level of cooperation with a reliable carrier who will meet your deadlines!


We also offer parking for load-carrying vehicles and buses. The premises of our base are enclosed and guarded for 24h a day by a professional security company. Do you have a car near Polkowie and you want it to be secure? Choose to leave it in our base, where we guarantee the safety of your fleet.

 We offer

Transportation services

We have a state-of-the-art fleet. Our every vehicle has a satellite monitoring system installed, based on GPS technology, thanks to which we are able to track for you the present location of your goods. We care about the security of your cargo by parking only on guarded parking lots and constantly monitoring the particular transport, also through the constant contact with the driver. We have all the necessary permissions as well as high Civil Liability Insurance for the Carriers. We always attempt to create for our customers the most advantageous cooperation conditions and provide services that meet their expectations. That way the Customer’s satisfaction contributes to our development and strengthening of our position on the market. Choosing our company as your carrier you are guaranteed to work with professionals!

Reloading services

On the premises of our base in Polkowie we have a fork lift with a load-bearing capacity of 1.5 ton, thus, we can also offer you reloading services.


We have a modern fleet of lorries that comply with EURO 5 and EURO 6 norms, with a load capacity of 24 t and a bus with a load capacity of 1200 kg.

We offer the transport of goods with curtainsider semi-trailer:

  • Standard (13,6 m x 2,48 m x 2,75 m)
  • Mega (13,6 m x 2,48 m x 3,00 m)

The semitrailers are certified with: DIN EN 12642 Code XL


The quality of our services is certified:




Transport Krajowy i Międzynarodowy
Mirosław Jedut

ul. Wyżykowskiego 16
59-100 Polkowice

Tel. 76 745 89 74
Fax. 76 745 89 68


Timocom: 16320
Trans: 8448

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